Real Estate School

We are finishing up with our classes and will resume new student enrollment Sept 6th!  

At this time our classes have been online however in September we may be starting live in house classes again. Have a great Summer.

Call Dawn at 508-287-5291 if you have questions before you enroll! 

Dawn Devlin, a licensed real estate professional for 20 plus years is excited to be able to share her knowledge of the industry while teaching the Massachusetts required material for the real estate salesperson and brokers course. Dawn is a licensed real estate instructor and looks forward to seeing you in her upcoming classes. 

To become a licensed real estate agent or Broker you must take the real estate pre-licensing course from an accredited real estate licensing school. Morning Star Realty Inc. offers the salesperson and Broker 40-hour course.  Once you complete the course, we will go over the candidate handbook with you and stamp it. This is what is required for you to schedule your exam with a PSI testing center.

Click the provided link for information from PSI

PSI Candidate Info

We use the Dearborn textbooks for the state and the general portions. The books are mandatory to insure you have all of the information needed to pass the test. You may use their ebook or hard copy. 

Dearborn Bookstore

Our classes are a combination of online and “live”. Students will be able to join a live class by clicking a link we will provide to them. Students are also able to watch other provided videos to supplement the in-class material. If you prefer to meet in person you will have the opportunity to meet with Dawn one on one or in small group classes. 

The cost is $275 for the salesperson or brokers course. 

With the provided course content you can go through the course quickly or take as much time as you need. We do recommend not pushing the test off to long. We want you to go when the material is fresh.  There is a  turnaround of approximately 30 days once you submit your paperwork to PSI for then to schedule your test. 

If interested in joining our school we will send you a registration form where you will set up your user information. There will also be a link to our PayPal account for you to submit your payments. You can also drop payment by the office of mail to 252 Main Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719. Once completed you will be directed to a link that will walk you step by step on how to get your materials and where to go from there. 

You can access everything from your phone, tablet, or computer. We do ask that you be in an area where you have good bandwidth for the live classes. The extra videos can be downloaded so you can watch anyplace. 

We will be starting classes March 3rd. You can join in at anytime in no particular order. Come back here for class schedule. 

Click here to Enroll today!  If you have questions please call Dawn at 508-287-5291. You can also fill out the form below to request more information however a call is suggested.